Friday, November 22, 2013

Johnny Manziel Expected to Make NFL Decision Before Bowl Game

One of the biggest questions for Texas A&M this season has been whether this season will be the last time No. 2 will be taking the field for the Aggies. According to the rules, a player has to be three years removed from high school to be eligible to enter the draft. Since he was red shirted, at the end of this season Manziel will qualify.

So will he go or will he come back for one more shot at a national championship?

According to ESPN the decision is going to come before the team's bowl game. A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin was on an ESPN Radio show and had this to say about his quarterback:
"We haven't had that conversation," Sumlin said. "My job is to get him all the facts that we can get him. We'll have that discussion after the Missouri game, certainly during the bowl preparation. I'm sure the announcement will be made at that time."
That makes sense. If he is going to enter the draft than the game can be used as his final send-off; his Senior Day moment. It also gives the fans a chance to come out and support their favorite quarterback one more time before he puts on a different uniform.

There has been rumors that Manziel has met with agents (totally legal) already making it appear as if he is leaning towards declaring for the draft. His talent is obvious and he is definitely a game-changing talent. There are likely a few teams that will be glad to use a first round pick on him.

Most players make the decision because of money though, and that is something that Manziel does not have to worry about since his family is already wealthy. That puts him in a spot where he could stay in college and try to lead Texas A&M to the national championship in the first year of the new system. 

If he does, his legend will grow--a player that stays in college to do something for his team and school; giving up millions in salary and endorsements. All for the love of the game!

But if he gets hurt there goes his draft position and millions of dollars over the course of his rookie contract. Should it be serious he might even need to play another year in college to prove that he is still the beast that fans know and love.

The debate on will he or won't he will go on pretty much until he fills us in--and than the pundits will question it till the cows come home.


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