Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lache Seastrunk Has An Alternate Career in Case Football Doesn't Work Out

Baylor Bears running back Lache Seastrunk is a beast. The 5'10" senior is having an incredible season averaging 124.1 yards a game, 9.3 yards a carry, and has 11 touchdowns to his name. His work has his name being included in Heisman talks, but while it will not be enough to win the award (it's going to one of three QBs; sorry man) it is going to boost his draft value.

But what if football doesn't work out? Then what?

His major is in General Studies. I'll be honest--I don't have a clue what a person does with that degree (mine was political science and look what I'm doing). So what can he do?

Try sketch comedy.

Lache has done some videos with the Penthouse Boyzzz and they are pretty darn funny. The acting isn't that great--with the exception of Lache (he's the only one that seems to know his lines)--but I think that is part of the charm.

Right SNL?

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  1. Makes me wish I was in college again! Good times!