Saturday, November 2, 2013

Marshall Thundering Herd Gives Fans a Pair of Real Laugh-Out-Loud Moments

Football is a game. It is supposed to be fun for us to watch and even more fun for the guys involved to play. Typically the enjoyment we get from watching the game comes from awesome tackles, bruising runs, big passes, bone-crunching sacks, and all sorts of other awesome plays.

But sometimes the most fun and enjoyment can be had courtesy of the blooper reel.
I am not sure who is going to catch more grief in the film room Monday--the quarterback for running into his offensive lineman or the offensive lineman for knocking his QB on his behind. Luckily one of the other big men was able to recover the fumble.

They will likely laugh about this, but that is only because the Herd are going to win (at post time they had a 38-point lead).

The laughs actually started before the game did. During the very cool smoke screen entrance one of the student managers got knocked over as the team ran onto the field--and had a little trouble getting back up!
It's easy to look at this one and laugh--and you should because it is funny--but I'm sure the poor student manager in the GIF is. I hope you're okay man and got nothing more than an elevated heart rate for a minute or two.

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