Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Orleans QB Drew Brees Has High Praise for Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel catches plenty of flak over is social life (or at least he used to when it was public knowledge), but there is one thing that people can agree on pretty easily--the kid is one of the greatest players in college football today.

The NFL, however, is another story according to some people--but not some of the game's top quarterbacks.

Joe Flacco spoke up earlier this season about how Johnny Manziel was becoming his favorite college football player and now it seems that Drew Brees has chimed in with a favorable word on the Aggies quarterback (in the Sporting News):
“He’s got all the playmaking ability to be a great player. [There are] guys like [Manziel] in this league. Russell Wilson and his ability to run the football and extend plays outside the pocket and throw the ball down the field. Intermediate [routes], I mean he can do it all.”
He can do it all, huh? Sounds pretty good. Brees went on to talk about how he thinks physical attributes are overrated, and that the mind game is more important.
“You have to instill confidence in the guys you’re playing with so they’ll follow you and play for you so you can get the best out of them,” Brees said. “It’s all about leadership.”
I know that the scouts and executives that have sounded off against Manziel know football. They have spent their lives studying players and evaluating talent, but if there is anyone that knows what it takes to play in the NFL (and who can do it) it would be the guys currently in the game.

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