Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nick Saban Rips in to Reporter that Asked Him About A.J. McCarron's SI Cover

Nick Saban is a no nonsense, football oriented kind of guy (in case you didn't know). He is not in to the all the extraneous crap that fills up space for newspapers and web sites. As long as he has been coaching football you would think reporters that regularly cover him and the Alabama football team would know this.

Well, apparently one has still not figured this out--and Saban let him have it.

During Wednesday's press conference a reporter asked Saban what he thought about Alabama's quarterback being on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Saban's reaction was awesome (fast forward to the 7:10 mark):

Too funny, right? Apparently this guy has a history of stupid questions so it's almost a surprise that he is still there. Then again, this is a pretty dull week for the Crimson Tide. With Chattanooga on deck for Saturday the question is not whether the 'Tide will win but by how much.

So maybe the guy was doing everyone a favor by making Saban made and giving us something to write about.

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