Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Notre Dame-Pitt Game Provides Further Proof the Targeting Rule Needs to be Changed

Football is a violent and dangerous sport. That's a large part of why people love it. At the same time no one wants to see a person injured or hurt so the rules and hence the referees are necessary for the game to be as awesome as we want it to be.

The only problem of course is when they are not applied properly and the misinterpretation of them affects the outcome of the game like it did Saturday in the Notre Dame/Pitt game.

From Bleacher Report
The Fighting Irish lost defensive lineman Stephen Tuitt early in the game on what the refs called a targeting penalty. As you can see in the GIF above both guys ducked their heads going into the hit. Neither should have been called for a penalty, but if one was going to be called both should have been called.

With all the attention concussions and injuries are getting these days it is only natural that the NCAA want to follow suit with the NFL and do something to prevent head injuries. They can't exactly fine the players since the don't make any money so they take away what matters most--playing time.

However, unlike the NFL when they do so they directly affect the outcome of the game. If the penalty was being called appropriately that would be fine, but too often it isn't. That's why the NCAA has already allowed the play in question to be reviewed and ejections overruled. Of course the problem than is that the 15-yard penalty is still marked off, but for something that the review says didn't happen.

It's a good idea, but the application of it is horrible.

[I have no idea if this play was called, but it clearly should have been.]

From Bleacher Report

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