Monday, November 18, 2013

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Carries Fools into the End Zone and Himself into the Record Books

Tom Brady will be able to play as long as he wants--as long as he has a healthy Rob Gronkowski on the field. Brady can make chumps look like Pro Bowlers, but when he has a Pro Bowler to throw to? It's something special.

Like when Brady completed a third quarter pass to The Gronk who promptly went Gronk-tastic on the Panthers defense and carried a few of them into the end zone!

From Bleacher Report
While the play tied the game up and embaressed the Carolina defense (a little) it also launched Gronkowski into the NFL record books (again) and enhanced his spot in Patriots lore.

Now imagine how fast he would have broken the record if he didn't miss so much time last season and at the start of this one! With TD No. 40 from Brady he became Brady's most productive target over the span oh his career.

Not bad Gronk. Not bad at all.

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