Monday, November 25, 2013

Prince Fielder Chooses New Number to Signify New Start with Texas Rangers

It is official. Hard hitting slugger Prince Fielder is now a part of the Texas Rangers! He was introduced to the public in Arlington for the first time at a press conference on Monday with his family in attendance. Since he is on a new team, in a new division, and in a whole new climate he decided it was only appropriate that something else be new.

His number.

When asked about the change he had this to say (ESPN):
"I just wanted a new number -- a fresh start, a fresh number," Fielder said. "Eighty-four is the year I was born. I think it works. That's as deep as I'm going."
It makes sense to think of a new team as a new start, but Fielder talked about the concept as if he needed a new start to overcome a poor season last year. Just call it a hunch, but I don't think fans will mind if he hits .279 with 25 home runs and knocks in 106 RBIs.

They will not mind if he does better of course...


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