Sunday, November 17, 2013

Refs Harassing Some of the Washington Redskins During the Philadelphia Game?

Remember the guy in Happy Gilmore that kept harassing Happy when he was trying to play? And how it messed him up and Happy eventually got his behind kicked by Bob Barker? Well--if you believe what Trent Williams is saying that is exactly what happened during the Redskins 24-16 loss to the Eagles today.

Minus the golf clubs and the Bob Barker butt kicking of course...

Via Twitter
After the game in an interview Williams made some claims that are likely to cause some noise in the NFL--at least where the officiating is concerned. According to him the refs were basically harassing him during play:

I can find it hard to believe too, but why would he lie about something like this? True or not, it is going to make him look bad. Yes, the referees should not be calling guys names and harassing them during a game, but what would he have to gain by that?

When asked about it referee Walt Coleman declined to say anything:

But if this is true we should be able to get to the heart of the matter.

A lot of his teammates were telling him to shut up, but Williams obviously felt strongly enough about the whole mess to risk the ridicule from his teammates and the media. I can only imagine what the Twitter Universe has in store for him.

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