Sunday, November 24, 2013

Texans WR Andre Johnson Gets to the Point: We suck.

I think it is pretty easy to say that Sunday's loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars was not a proud moment for the Houston Texans. As loyal as they are, I doubt there are too many Jaguars fans that would deny it if you said they were not very good.

So what does that say about a team that they beat? Andre Johnson doesn't mind telling you.

After being asked for his take on the game Johnson had this to say (ESPN):
"We suck," he said, then continued after a pause. "As an offense. That's pretty much it.
It is kind of hard to argue with him-- six points on two field goals, 218 yards of offense. It's pretty hard to win with production like that. Keenum wasn't nearly on target as he had been in previous weeks and only threw it in the direction of his best weapon--Johnson--six times.

Of course it doesn't help that he only caught two, but since the game wasn't on in my market I can't say if it was because of Johnson, Keenum, or good defense.

Johnson went on talk about how he isn't mad at fans for booing.
"They were booing us last week. They booed us before. I said it before, if we’re not putting good stuff on the field, we ain’t giving them nothing to cheer about. They booed. They should boo."
I'm all for supporting my team, but when they put crap out on the field they deserve to hear about it. The obvious argument that some folks have put up in the past during similar situations is "Well, do you want them coming to your office and booing whenever you mess up?"

There would be no need for it, because if I screw up so much that I deserve to get booed I'll be fired.


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