Saturday, November 9, 2013

Texas A&M's Trey Williams Has 100-Yard Kick Return Called Back (sort of)

If the NFL wants to actually do something about players celebrating too much and possibly taunting their opponents it needs to take a page out of the NCAA playbook.

Mississippi State was refusing to go quietly into the night closing the gap 37-27 with most of the fourth quarter still to play. So on the ensuing play Trey Williams decided it was time to remind the Bulldogs whose house they were in.

How you ask? By returning the ensuing kickoff after the Bulldogs touchdown 100 yards to pay dirt!

From Bleacher Report
As beautiful as the run was Williams is not going to get credit for the touchdown. When he took a leap into the end zone three yards out the refs threw a flag on him and assessed a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for the move (Texas A&M scored anyway; it just took a couple more plays) from the spot of the foul (so what would they do for anything done in the end zone?).

Call it what you want. I've seen a number of tweets that called it a stupid call, but if you want to cut down on anything that could be considered taunting--and possibly start a fight on the field--this is the way to do it. 

The trick with this kind of penalty is when to call it and when not to call it. From what I can understand with a few searches on the internet it was properly applied here, but I can recall several games this season where players have done much worse and it wasn't called.

If you are going to call it NCAA you have to be consistent.

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