Friday, November 15, 2013

Tim Duncan Have a New Girlfriend? [SMOKING HOT PHOTO]

During the playoffs last season the fate of San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan's marriage became one of the more interesting and followed side stories to follow. The former Mrs. Big Fundamental apparently cheated on the Big Fundamental which lead the end of their marriage.

As anyone that has ever gone through a divorce knows (or has been told)--life does go on. It appears that life may be 'going on' quite well for ole Tim.

Rumor has it that Duncan may have a new girl (not Shamu). This photo is making its way around the World Wide Web. There is no evidence that says she is nor is there any that says she isn't; just a bunch of tweets speculating that this lovely young lady could be dating Tim Duncan.

If she is dating Tim--atta boy Tim. Atta boy.



  1. timmy you go boy.. does she have a sister and im not talking about shamu?

  2. timmy im sorry I cant stop looking at your GF.. Damn shes hot.. if she's not your gf.. can i hit it?

  3. only if you have tim duncan money