Friday, November 15, 2013

UCLA's Myles Jack Putting the Smash in Smash Mouth Football

The UCLA coaches knew they had something when they recruited Myles Jack. He proved them right by earning a job starting at linebacker to start the season. With 64 tackles through last week's game against Arizona the true freshman has met expectations.

So why not see if he can play running back as well?

It is not unusual for players to do part time duty on the other side of the ball, but is typical wide receivers and defensive backs. Since they don't get hit on just about every play it makes sense. 

But a linebacker? Don't those guys take a beating when they play? Yes, but can you think of a position known for laying hits as much as a linebacker?

Last week he helped UCLA beat Arizona in their house for the first time since 2003 with eight solo tackles and 120 yards and a touchdown on just six carries. Through three quarters of Friday night's game against Washington he has 60 yards on 12 carries and four touchdowns--four touchdowns!

If there has been a defensive player that has scored four TD's in a game in the last decade I can't find evidence of him.

Oh--and he has a couple of tackles to go with his offensive stats. If he can keep this kind of production up--on offense and defense--without missing time for injuries (because pulling this kind of duty is going to wear on his body) he is a Heisman candidate waiting to happen next season.

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