Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder Dislocates His Shoulder

The Minnesota Vikings can not catch a break this season at all--or well maybe in this case they did. Who they were going to start at quarterback has been a question that has plagued the team all season, but it appears that they can probably take someone out of the rotation for the near future.

Christian Ponder was playing a pretty decent game Thursday night against the Washington Redskins when he injured his shoulder trying to dive for the end zone. He missed the mark, but Adrian Peterson was able to score and put the Vikings ahead 28-27 early in the final quarter.

After the dive it was pretty clear Ponder was hurting and it didn't take long for the team to rule him out for the rest of the game. As it turns out his non-throwing shoulder was dislocated.

This could very well mean that his season is over, and with the way things have gone this season you have to wonder if it means the end of his time in Minnesota as well. It looks like the Vikings are stuck with Matt Cassell or Josh Freeman for the time being. 

Cassell finished the game and went 4-6 for 47 yards in the process.

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