Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why is Oklahoma's Bob Stoops Running From the Gatorade Bucket?

Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners may need some serious help if they are going to win the Big 12 this season, but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate the season they are having and the accomplishments they do make.

Like the pretty big one that had some of the guys chasing after Stoops following the win over Kansas State.

From Bleacher Report
A close game in the first half was blown out in the second with the Sooners getting out to a 41-24 lead before the Wildcats closed out the scoring with just under seven minutes left in the game.

So why the Gatorade shower? The victory was No. 158 for the Stoops in his tenure at Oklahoma breaking a tie he had with Barry Switzer for most career wins.

I don't know if it was cold or if Stoops has a phobia of Gatorade or something, but I'd think that an accomplishment like that is worth at least that--for the players if not himself.

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