Sunday, November 17, 2013

You Make the Call--Touchdown for Chiefs Anthony Fasano or Not?

Is there anyone else out there that remember the "You Make the Call" commercials that use to play during games? I know I'm probably going back a long time, but I thought they were pretty darn cool. With the way the rules have changed and how cameras now pick up even the smallest of details (sometimes) they should do it again.

Till they do I'm going to try.

From Bleacher Report
So here we have Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano making what appears to be a touchdown late in Sunday night's game against the Denver Broncos. However, the referee waived it off and said he was out.

If you watched the game you know the call was reviewed (and probably what the result was). If you didn't, how about giving it a guess and replying with what you think?

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