Sunday, December 1, 2013

49ers Tight End Vernon Davis With the High Hurdles (and high notes) Against the Rams

Ever since Mike Singletary ripped Vernon Davis a new one a few years back the 49ers tight end has turned in to one of the best in the game. His work ethic rocks, he's a team leader, and he does whatever it takes on the field to get the job done (legally of course).

Against the St. Louis Rams that meant he had to do a little more than just run with the ball after the catch.
No--he had to hurdle people!

I suppose if you are athletic enough and the defender is nice enough to duck and make himself shorter it makes sense. Why not, right?

Well, it could be that when the defense sees you pull crap like that they may feel the need to bring you down by any means necessary. Even if means grabbing another dude's little buddies!

From Bleacher Report
Did that stop him from doing it again? Heck no! Not a gamer like Vernon Davis! Early in the fourth quarter he had the end zone in sight, but there was a defender in his way. He could have tried to run over the DB, but instead he opted to get airborne once again!

From Bleacher Report

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