Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alabama Kicker Cade Foster Proves QBs Are Not the Only Ones That Get the Girl! [PICS]

The world has not been very nice to Alabama kicker Cade Foster since the end of the Iron Bowl. After an 0-3 performance in the big game folks have been ripping the young man apart online. It got bad enough that several team members spoke out in support of Foster in hopes of stemming the tide.

While I am sure that all the death threats and crap bothered Foster there is no need to feel sorry for him at all. The Alabama placekicker was likely being consoled by his hot girlfriend Callie Foster-- who happens to be a beauty pageant winner and model!

It's probably safe to say that Foster didn't go out after the game or on Sunday either. No, he probably stayed in with the lovely young Callie doing--well, whatever.

And they say quarterbacks get all the girls in the SEC!

[H/T LostLetterman]

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