Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anderson Silva Tweets Apology to Fans After Breaking His Leg at UFC 168

Anderson Silva was looking for a little redemption in his rematch against Chris Weidman Saturday night in the main event at UFC 168. What he got was a broken leg in what is easily one of the most gruesome sports injuries of the year.

So while he didn't regain his title from what I've heard he has regained the respect of fans that were not happy with how he clowned around the last time he fought Weidman by turning in a good performance prior to the injury.

If that wasn't enough, the apology he tweeted to fans certainly should be:

That translates into: "Brazil I'm sorry, I didn't want to disappoint you! I gave my best I swear."

Surgery has already been completed. He is expected to need anywhere from 3-6 months to recover, but it remains to be seen if he will ever be able to fight again.

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