Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bowling Green Tries to Play Hot Potato on Fourth and 40 at End of Pizza Bowl

The Little Caesars Bowl is one of those that folks wonder why it is even played since the teams involved are hardly marquee teams. Yes, it will attract fans of the two schools in the game, but not too many otherwise. What folks fail to remember is that these bowl games are often the more competitive ones.

Thursday night's game between the Pitt Panthers and Bowling Green Falcons was certainly that.

Pitt ended up winning the game 30-27 thanks to a late field goal from Chris Blewitt (poor kid; what a name for a kicker). Bowling Green did less than nothing on the ensuing possession getting in a 4th and 40 situation on the final play of the game.

While they were able to get a good game of hot potato going the play was doomed to failure before it even started.

Credit has to go to a good Pitt team; their record was nowhere near indicative of the quality of talent on the team. Fans will want to keep an eye on two freshman, running back James Conner (26 carries, 229 yards, one touchdown) and wide receiver Tyler Boyd (eight receptions, 173 yards).

If these guys can continue to improve Pitt will be a team to watch next season.

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