Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can You Name All the Quarterbacks That Have Played in Cleveland Since the Browns Returned in 1999?

If a team is able to find a franchise quarterback it will be able to play a good decade with one person lining up behind center barring injury. That's assuming the team wins of course, because if the team is a stinker that guy is not going to stick around.

Just look at how many QBs the Browns have had since the team returned to the NFL in 1999.

At 4-10 the team is well on its way to another lackluster season so all the "We Suck" jokes are expected. However, the pain may be close to ending though. The team has hung with and beaten some good teams this year. When Brian Hoyer lined up under center they actually looked--gasp--good. Josh Gordon has proven himself to be an exceptional talent.

The end result still sucks, but have faith Cleveland. The misery could be ending sooner than you think (although I'm sure not sooner than you'd hope).


  1. How many Cleveland Browns fans remember Spergon Wynn? Ha Ha I think that Charlie Fry was the worst draft since Cleveland got the replacement Clowns in 1999. I remember watching that guy play at a Kent State. I could see that he was not ready for the NFL. Why couldn't anyone in the Browns management see that too?