Sunday, December 22, 2013

Colorado State's Kapri Bibbs is the Best Running Back You Haven't Heard Of (yet)

Much of the country has not had a chance to see Kapri Bibbs play this season. The last time the Rams were in a bowl game was 2008 so it has been awhile since they've been good enough to warrant nationwide television coverage unless they were getting spanked by someone.

So if you didn't know who that guy was (Bibbs) that was running all over the place it's okay. The key thing is that you--and NFL scouts everywhere--do now.

From Bleacher Report
Bibbs finished the regular season with 1572 yards and 28 touchdowns (8th best in the nation), but in spite of his year since the PAC-12 includes some pretty high profile teams like Stanford and Oregon it is pretty easy for a 'good' team to get lost in the shuffle.

That's what makes bowl games so great. Teams that are good--like Colorado State--get a chance to shine on a national stage; a chance that they may not have had before. With 169 yards and three touchdowns Bibbs certainly did shine (as did his team with an epic comeback).

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