Sunday, December 1, 2013

Colts DL Robert Mathis is a Bad, Bad Man! Right Tennessee?

For years I thought that Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Robert Mathis and former Colts player Dwight Freeney were tied at the hip. Both were undoubtedly good players in their own right, but together they were a pain to game plan for. That often led to one or both of them looking great.

So without Dwight would Mathis still be a beast? The answer is yes.

From Bleacher Report

Late in the third quarter Mathis had his fifth sack with a fumble of the season and I believe the announcers said it was No 41.5 for his career.

Mr. Mathis sir? I apologize for every doubting you and thinking you played second fiddle to that other guy that whose career is likely done. You sir are a bad, bad man and I am glad you play for the Colts!

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