Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DC Area Starting to Turn on Robert Griffin III and the Redskins?

Last season there was all kinds of loving flowing in and around the Washington D.C. area for the Redskins. After years of mediocrity the team was finally going to be a contender once again now that Robert Griffin III was in town.

Fast forward to this season and it is looking like the some fans at least are giving up on them.

The picture you see above is from a Walmart in DC. Yes, they are actually selling the apparel of their hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys, right next to some Redskins gear.

Now I am sure some folks will look at that and say no big deal. However, I'd like to ask them if they can buy apparel for other teams at their local stores. I can't. I live in Indianapolis and it is all Colts, all the time (except for Old Navy who offers a variety of regional and popular teams).

I'm all for stores selling whatever merchandise they want to. Fans could certainly use another option besides paying an arm and a leg online, but the last thing I'd expect is to see rival gear in a store. You would think that would be the last thing people would want to buy!

I guess since parents are starting to steer their kids away from RG3 jerseys it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. This comes from the Washington Post:

“Ooh, a lot of people are backing off from RG3 right now, a whole lot of people,” Smith said before Sunday’s game against the Giants. He said sales of Griffin’s $100 jersey had fallen by half in recent weeks, and he described how several young fans on Sunday came up to him with their parents and asked for a Griffin jersey, only to have Mom or Dad steer them to another choice.
“Nah, you don’t want that guy’s jersey,” he said, quoting a typical exchange. “He’s not playing too well, and who knows if he’ll play well again?”

This is a rough season for the 'Skins, but what the fans seem to be forgetting is that this kind of scenario is nothing new. Even had RG3 not been battling a knee injury--not to mention the abuse he's taken while playing this season--it is not unusual for a player's to struggle in their second season.

You know--the dreaded sophomore slump.

I get that you are tired of having a so-so team Washington, but gives these guys a chance. There is talent there. Mike Shanahan--or the next guy if they ditch him--just has to figure out how to bring it to the surface.

[H/T to BlackSportsOnline]

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