Saturday, January 4, 2014

Demarco Murray Hits 293-lb Damion Square So Hard Square Wants to Go On a Diet--and it Cost Him [UPDATE]

There are certain things you never want to happen as a lineman. If you are on the offensive side of the ball you never want your quarterback to get hurt because you misses a block. If you are a defensive lineman you never want to be pancaked by a running back or a wide receiver.

From Bleacher Report
So you better believe Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Damion Square is going to hear about it from his teammates when they watch this film on Monday.

UPDATE, 1/4:

Since Murray hit him with the crown of his helmet he was fined $21,000--the No Fun League strikes again! Yes, he did technically break a rule--one that hasn't really been enforced this season (at least not very well)--so it comes with the territory.

Good thing he gets paid the big bucks.

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