Monday, December 16, 2013

Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson Sets Another Record on MNF

We all know that Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson--otherwise known as Megatron--is a beast on the field, right? The man is hands down the best wide receiver of the day, and that's a pretty big statement with guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and Reggie Wayne still out there--but he is.

He helped prove that last season when he blew away the single-season receiving record and he did so early in Monday night's game against the Ravens with this eight yard reception.

From Bleacher Report
No, it was not for a touchdown. It wasn't even for a first down. What it did do was put him over 5,000 yards for the last three seasons--something no other wide receiver has ever done!

He could have set the mark earlier in the game on this play, but instead he proved that he is not an unstoppable machine. He dropped the ball.

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