Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don't Mess With Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett!

You would think that Jason Garrett would be in a good mood after winning a key division game late in the season, but it appears that wasn't the case at all. As he was crossing the field to meet up with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan someone tried to approach him--and Garrett shoved him away!

From Bleacher Report
Common sense would tell me that when someone looks as angry as Garrett does you leave him be for a few minutes, but I guess this guy missed the memo. Even if he couldn't see his face if this guy has anything to do with the game he has to be aware of the predicament that Garrett is in.

Supposedly he has the blessing of Jerry Jones, but word leaked this morning that Jones is supposedly prepared to fire Garrett if the 'Boys don't make the playoffs. True or not, I am sure that is not something a head coach wants to hear. Most lies are based on a grain of truth so he knows something had to have been said about his job.

Besides that there were the rumors that there was tension between Garrett, Tony Romo, and Demarco Murray over how the offense is being run. The world found it hard to believe the Cowboys all but abandoned the run in the second half last week, and Murray was not shy in sharing his disbelief as well. 

Murray has also complained about Romo checking out of run plays so much and going to the pass--like he did last week when he threw the game ending interception.

Oh--and than there was Garrett throwing everyone under the bus after last week's loss.

So yeah--Garrett has quite a few reasons to be testy. I'd suggest leaving him alone for now.

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