Thursday, December 5, 2013

Falcons RB Steven Jackson Becoming Fantasy Relevant Just in Time for FF Playoffs

For much of the last nine years Falcons running back Steven Jackson has been one of the better fantasy football running backs in the league. This year--not so much. However, it appears that he might be waking up just in time to help fantasy owners win their leagues.

From Bleacher Report
This year has been an injury filled one for Jackon; something that should come as no surprise since he is the active leader in carrier carries with almost 2500 in his 9+ seasons (the next closest to him is Frank Gore with 2114 carries).

When you carry the ball that  much eventually the hits and grind is going to get to you. That's why we often see running backs start to decline once they hit 30. So while they may not be the fantasy  studs that they once were they can still be relevant under the right circumstances.

All the stars may be coming into alignment for Jackson this week. After missing much of the season due to injury he needs to prove he's worth keeping on the roster. Last week was a pretty good start (84 yards on 23 carries and two TDs).

This week the Falcons will be playing the Packers. The Green Bay run defense is not as good as Buffalo's (26th to Buffalo's 24th). With inconsistent play at quarterback the Packers are ripe for an upset. Should Atlanta get on top early (which it very well could) you can expect to see them try to run out the lock by pounding the Packers defense with a heavy dose of Jackson.

Now Green Bay could remember that it is supposed to be a good team and dominate the Falcons. If they are able to get Eddie Lacy going early they'll look to pound the Atlanta defense with him in hopes of controlling the clock and not giving Jackson an opportunity to get going.

So there is an element of risk to it, but if you are looking to make a move to get an edge on your opponent this could be the one.

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