Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fireman Ed Show Up at the Jets Game?

Ed Reed has not been on the Jets team for long, but the veteran defensive back should be given a whole lot of street cred for this one. Last week he called out former ultimate Jets fan Fireman Ed and said he needed to come back; the team needs guys like him in the stands pumping up the crowd.

Fireman Ed had 'retired' as the Jets yell leader/super fan last years stating that the abuse from some fans had gotten to be too much for him--but it appears that you can't stop loving when you have loved as long as he has.

It appears as if Fireman Ed was at the game, but as just another fan (incognito but without the bullying?). This shot was taken and has been making the rounds on the World Wide Web via social media.

For a little while it appeared as if the Jets might be coming back to the world of the respectable, but the last three weeks have been nothing short of ugly. 

So come Ed--the fans need you! Otherwise there isn't much entertainment for Jets fans at the game!

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