Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Johnny Manziel Interested in the New York Jets?

We still don't know whether Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is going to enter the draft this year, but he is widely expected to do just that. Many are already considering it a given and have started to speculate on where he'll go. You can only talk about that so many times though before it gets really old and boring.

So lets talk about where he wants to go or would like to. During one of the Heisman press conferences he was asked. You might be a little surprised at what he said.

The New York Jets.

In a clip from one of the Heisman press conferences Manziel talked about how neat (his word) it would be to play in New York for the Jets (not Giants).

Hmmm....so why might he say that? Could it be because the party scene in NYC is epic and he will be the life of the party in the City That Never Sleeps? Could it be because it's been so long since the Jets have had solid play at quarterback he knows he'll have a shot to play as a rookie? Could it be that even though the Jets drafted a quarterback in the second round last year there is every reason to believe the organization would spend a first round pick on another one this year?

Could it be because that is the one city where he could let his freak flag fly and he'd totally fit in? Let's be real here folks--how much do we want to see a video clip of him and Mark Sanchez partying together with some babes?

I suppose we'll find out if he enters the draft.

But does this mean he has forsaken every other team? Absolutely not. In the clip in this Bleacher Report article the question itself is not included, but from the way he answers the question it sounds as if he was asked specifically about playing with the Jets.

So if he was asked about any other team I'd bet his answer would be pretty much the same.

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