Monday, December 23, 2013

LaGarrett Blount Goes From Punk to Pansy; Had Approval to do Ray Lewis's Dance

When I saw LaGarrett Blount do this during Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens I thought, "Man, what a punk; so not cool doing Ray Lewis's dance in Baltimore." Then I heard about Blount saying that he had the approval of the former Ravens linebacker ahead of time.

What a pansy.

From Bleacher Report
I'm not a big fan of smack talk and disrespecting a player or team with something like this, but if you are going to do it own it. Getting permission may clear the air with the player (who probably wouldn't care anyway), but does he really think the Baltimore fans are going to be cool with him now?

As another former NFL players would say child please!


  1. fat man your the "Punk" your just pissed off because we came there and did your team right. if your team is good enough to take down the bengals(fat chance on that with "Slaccko")you will have a chance to beat out the other wild carder in a chance to redeem your selfs in New England. But even if you got that far, your 41-7 beating will be a cake walk to the beat down you will get in Bean Town. Dirty birds have a great off season and take a rest in tahiti.