Wednesday, December 4, 2013

LeBron James to Make His Feature Film Debut Opposite of Commedian Kevin Hart

NBA players ten to do one of three things when they are not playing basketball: rap, act, or develop a clothing line. Miami Heat superstar LeBron James has a pretty popular shoe line already. I've never heard if he wants to rap--but it looks like he is going to act.

King James and funny man Kevin Hart are going to do a movie together. I bet you'll never guess what it's going to be about...

Do I need to say it? Okay, I will--basketball.

The rumored story line is a little predictable. Hart and LeBron are brothers and the diminutive Hart lives in the shadow of his famous NBA-playing brother. At a weekend camp Hart and some friends get the chance to prove themselves.

I suppose it makes sense. If you want to help make a non-actor into an actor have him play a part that pretty much mirrors his actual life.

Heck, if Shaq, Kevin Durant, and Ray Allen can do it...

[H/T BlackSportsOnline]

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