Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maybe This is Why the Colts Didn't Sweat Losing Pierre Garcon

Ever since the Indianapolis Colts lost Reggie Wayne the team has struggled. Luckily the AFC South is not very good and they'll cruise into the playoffs as the No. 4 seed at the worst. However, I can't help but think that maybe--just maybe--things could be going better for the Colts had they made a stronger effort to hold on to Pierre Garcon.

Than again, maybe they knew something than that the rest of us didn't.

From Bleacher Report
As one of the up and coming receivers in the league I was a little surprised that the Colts didn't try harder to hold onto Garcon. Even with Reggie Wayne sticking around they have to know his days are numbered, and at the time the sky appeared to be the limit for Garcon.

You can look at his injury issues since and say that its good they let him go, but when healthy (like he is now) the team could sure use him--not if he is going to act like a five-year old throwing a tantrum.

The obvious excuse is he's frustrated because the Redskins suck, but what's to say he isn't just as immature when things are going well either? Nothing.

So go ahead and get your team penalized because you want to play futbol with a football during the game. All it does is make Indy fans even happier that you are not wearing Indianapolis Blue anymore.

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  1. Garcon was a decent number 2 WR but like Donnie Avery last year and DHB will find out this year, If yu cant make catches consistantly yu wont be wearing the Blue Horseshoe on your helmet. The Colts need to find a reciever who can make the catches to fill the hole of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.