Saturday, December 28, 2013

Minnesota Falls Short of First Nine Win Season in a Century With Loss to Syracuse in Texas Bowl

When Minnesota took a 17-13 lead early in the fourth quarter fans of the program began to get a little excited. Could the team actually win and notch a 9-win season for the first time in a freaking century? As time ticked away and the Orange failed to mount much offense it appeared like that it might actually happen.

By the look on the face of this co-ed (and the score at the bottom of the GIF) you can guess what the end result was.

The Gophers had trouble covering kicks throughout the game and it ended up costing them in the end. When they punted the ball away with two minutes on the clock the prevailing thought was a couple of stops and the game was over.

But than Bristly Estime returned the punt 69 yards and set the offense up with a short field. Three plays later they scored on a 12-yard Terrel Hunt rush to give Syracuse the lead.

Cue the Minnesota sad face.

The game wasn't over yet though. Minnesota had 74 ticks left. Down to the wire endings like this are what bowl season is all about, right?

And they nearly pulled it off.

Had the poor guy caught the ball he would have scored. See prior Minnesota sad faces.

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