Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Old Man Puts Young Whipper Snapper in his Place at Arizona/Arizona State Game [MUST SEE]

When you have 60,000 or so people packed into a stadium sitting on a section of metal about 12 inches wide that cost way too much money something is bound to go wrong. People are bound to get cranky. They are bound to get a little on edge, and it is almost understandable when they get fed up with some annoying kid/older man that is doing who knows what.

Like at the Arizona State/Arizona game last Saturday:

There is no telling what happened here and caused this little fracas, but for some odd reason it appears that the kid in the ASU shirt was smarting off to the older gentleman--who happened to have the higher ground and was apparently not in the mood for taking any crap off of some kid.

Normally this is where I'd say something about how the violence at football games has to stop, but this time it's just too damn funny.

[H/T/ Nosebleeds]

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