Sunday, December 22, 2013

Patriots QB Tom Brady Left Hanging Once Again...and With Good Reason

Tom Brady has been the quarterback in New England for a longtime now, and I can't remember ever seeing him get such little love from his team before. It's almost as if leaving him hanging has become a thing--like the Lambeau Leap for the Packers.

From Bleacher Report

I can't say about the other times he was left hanging, but I think this time it was for good reason--like maybe there wasn't anything worth celebrating with a high-five.

Yeah, his team had just scored another touchdown, but it was garbage. Not garbage in that it was a poor TD or anything, but it came late in the game and the Patriots had already blown the Ravens out of the water on this one.

So while it was a great play in itself it had no impact on the game, and hence was not worth celebrating as such. Either that or no one likes Tom.


  1. serious Travis,

    You reporters just love trying to find controversy over TB. If you look at how the Ravens have played us in the past you may understand the reasons behind it. If the players couldnt stand TB they would fall lax in the front lines allowing Linebackers to penitrate the line and sack him. its ok you will be fine.

    1. ya I agree these media people are idiots

    2. I presented it as a scenario (hence the word maybe being in there); not a reality. At that level I seriously doubt too many guys--too many that want to have jobs at least--let a LB through on their QB.

    3. I'm a reporter? Ah, shucks guys.