Friday, December 27, 2013

Peyton Manning Has Not Actually Broken the Single Season Touchdown Record--Yet

Last Sunday was a big day for Peyton Manning. With four touchdowns against the hapless Houston Texans he broke the single season touchdown record held by Tom Brady (who took it from Peyton) of 50 with the 51st one coming with a little more than four minutes left in the fourth quarter.

However, as it turns out No. 51 should have been No. 50.

From Bleacher Report
The league office has stated that the 20-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker (see above) should not have counted. He was bobbling the ball on the way out of bounds.

Interim Head Coach Wade Phillips wasn't satisfied even though the replay officials upheld the call. He thought Decker juggled it so he asked the league office to give it a look and they agreed.

"We did get some good news. Actually, it's bad news for Peyton Manning. ... I guess they're going to have to take that ball that they sent to the Hall of Fame back," Phillips said jokingly. "I feel bad for Peyton celebrating breaking the record and it really didn't happen.

Why Phillips pursued the call after the game is a bit of a mystery to me. Even though the league admitted Manning was right he is still being credited with a touchdown on the play.

So while he can be satisfied that he was right the league's admission doesn't really matter. Manning is still being credited with the touchdown so officially he has broken the record--just not technically.

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