Sunday, December 8, 2013

Peyton Manning Wins the AFC South for the Indianapolis Colts One Last Time

The Indianapolis Colts were spanked by the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. Any fan that can't admit that is either delusional, drunk, delusional and drunk, or just flat out lying. They looked nothing like a team that is playoff ready nor one that deserves any kind of accolades at this point in the season.

So it is only appropriate that their former quarterback--yes, Peyton Manning--comes through for them and wins Indianapolis one last division title.

No, he didn't agree to be traded for the final month of the season. He doesn't have a magic fix for Reggie Wayne's knee either. He simply destroyed the Tennessee Titans by throwing for 397 yards and four touchdowns in a 51-28 win.

The loss to Cincinnati dropped the Colts to 8-5. Tennessee's loss to Denver dropped them to 5-8. The other two teams in the division are Jacksonville and Houston (do I need to say anything about them?). Even if the Colts were to lose out and finish the season 8-8, and the Titans were to win out (and have an 8-8) record Indianapolis would win the tiebreaker.

So the Colts won the AFC South on a day where they were manhandled thanks to their former leader manhandling someone else.


(Thanks Peyton!)

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  1. Peyton Manning will always be a colt to me. Thanks again Peyton