Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Responds to Adrian Peterson's Criticism of Baltimore Fans

Don't you just love it when grown men start sniping at each other in the media? First it was Adrian Peterson on Sunday with a few words about the officiating and the behavior of some of the Baltimore Ravens fans. Now Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh is chiming in. In case you missed the game it was snowing quite a bit.

I guess some of the Baltimore fans decided to use the Vikings players for target practice.

Eventually word got to Harbaugh about AP's criticism, and being the guy that he is he had to respond:

"Who doesn’t throw snowballs when it snows?” Harbaugh said with a chuckle. “Maybe in Minnesota because they’re so used to snow, maybe that’s gotten old for them.”

He went on to say that he loves the Ravens fans and complimented them for being 'tremendous' especially considering the weather conditions.

I have to think that he would/will feel a little different about the situation when he finds out that six Eagles fans jumped a Lions fan wearing a Barry Sanders jersey and beat him till he was unconscious--and the whole mess started with them throwing snow balls at them.

I get it John. It's just snowballs, but I'd be curious to see if you feel the same way about them when one hits you in the head in when the Ravens play in Cincinnati in a couple weeks.

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