Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ref Obstructs Indiana's Lance Stephenson on a Fast Break

Throughout the baseball season we heard too many reports about umpires admitting they messed up the next day. It's happened too many times during the current NFL season too. How about the NBA season? Can it escape the gaffes that the other major sports have had?

Indiana's Lance Stephenson would say no after Wednesday night's game against the Miami Heat.


Late in the fourth quarter Stephenson stole a pass intended for Dwyane Wade, but didn't make it far down court because the ref got in the way! Luckily Greg Hill was able to grab the ball and pass it off to Stephenson underneath the basket.

From the GIF it looks like Stephenson missed this shot, but that's okay. The Pacers went on to win 90-84 anyway.


  1. Lance Stevenson stole the ball, Hill managed to recover.

    1. And it wasn't missed. It was blocked/goaltended by Birdman, but then the refs couldn't decide what to do and they ended up having a tipoff at midcourt. Then the ref botched the toss but Bosh hit it on the way up, meaning the Pacers got the ball back by default.

      One of the weirdest sequences I've ever seen.