Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Referees During Monday Night's San Francisco/Atlanta Game Were Clueless

Sometimes when you are watching a football game you can't help but wonder what game the referees are watching or what rule book they are thinking of when they thrown a flag. Monday night in San Francisco was one of those games.

Early in the game 49ers safety Donte Whitner was flagged for this hit on Falcons running back Steven Jackson.

Yeah, it's a hard hit and all, but it looks like he led with his shoulder when he hit him, not his helmet. Had it been with his helmet of course it would have been a penalty, but this was not the case.

Yet, he was flagged anyway for unsportsmanlike conduct, but somehow Tramaine Brock wasn't hear...

...and neither was Desmond Trufant.

With the number of officials on the field you'd think there is no way they could miss anything, but yet they do all the time. Heck, if they could at least get what they do see right it might not be so bad.

If only we could be so lucky.


  1. brock's tackle reminded me of classic Ronnie Lott technique. Knowing that Lott's style of play wouldn't be tolerated today pretty much sums up the sad condition of the NFL

  2. True. True. The over-officiating in itself sucks, but it would be nice if they could at least be consistent.