Monday, December 2, 2013

Seattle Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman Catches Wild Tipped Pass for First Career Touchdown!

If you have ever wondered why the Seattle Seahawks would be okay with sitting a play maker like Percy Harvin just to make sure he's healthy for the post season it is because of plays like this.

Could they use Harvin? Sure they could, but this team is so chock full of play makers and guys with a 'never say die' kind of mentality that they will figure out how to make a play-- like here when the ball was tipped before being caught by fullback Derrick Coleman for the touchdown.

Talk about awesome, right? Well--it get's better.

It is the first touchdown of Coleman's career who happens to be deaf. So folks just because someone has a disability or impairment of some kind that doesn't mean they are not capable of great things.

Derrick Coleman is proof of that.

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