Monday, December 23, 2013

Stedman Bailey Picks Up the Slack With Tavon Austin Injured

The St. Louis Rams will be playing for the chance to finish the season at .500 next week; something they have not done since 2006. They are not going to factor into the post season at all, but that's okay for Rams fans. Why? Because they know the future is looking pretty darn good.

From Bleacher Report
The team has developed a young nucleus of talent on the offensive side of the ball that fans are going to be excited to see next season. Zac Stacy appears to be the running back of the future. Sam Bradford has a pair of young wide receivers now that are going to be as dangerous as any tandem in the league.

I'm talking about West Virginia products Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. Austin was out Sunday against Tampa Bay, but that gave Bailey a chance to shine. He did just that scoring on a 27-yard double reverse (see above) and hauling in three catches for another 44 yards.

It sucks to have to think 'next year,' but in this case it appears that next year is looking pretty darn promising.


  1. Sitting up here in Seattle - listening to this smug and smack-talking bunch of noise freaks talk about their superiority and utter entitlement to the Super Bowl. Hoping your Rams come up here and cut a swath through this team and it's noise freak fans wide enough for a semi-trailer carrying all their PED's to drive through.

    1. We'll see what happens man. Should make for a good game if nothing else.