Monday, December 30, 2013

The Band, Bevo, and the Fans Show Mack Brown Some Love at the Alamo Bowl [PHOTOS]

The exit was messed up, but the career of the longtime leader of the Texas Longhorns football program was anything but. In the days since he announced he was stepping down fans done what they could to show their love and appreciation for what he did for the program.

It didn't end during his final game on the sideline, Monday night's Alamo Bowl. I'd say just about everyone got in on the act during the game and showed Mack Brown some love.

The fans of course did.

Bevo showed Mack some love as well.

As did the next generation of Longhorns fans.

From Bleacher Report
I can't imagine what that walk was like for him. You love the show of appreciation, but it's the last one.

The best show of all came courtesy of the band at halftime as they spelled out his name during the halftime show.

Thanks for showing us how to do it right Coach. Now go enjoy some golf.

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