Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vernon Davis Must Be Making Mike Singletary Proud

At the beginning of his career Vernon Davis looked like he was going to be a bust. He wasn't producing. His attitude stunk, and his work ethic left something to be desired; pretty disappointing after the promise he showed at Maryland.

Than Mike Singletary got a hold of him.

From Bleacher Report
Singletary was a no-nonsense kind of players and he was pretty much the same during his brief head coaching stint with the 49ers. While he didn't get enough wins to keep the job he can be credited with turning Vernon Davis into the player he is now. 

Had it not been for the tough love that he showed Davis back in 2008 he may not have ever switched from the 'me' attitude that he had than into the 'team-first' attitude he has now--and he certainly would not have made plays like this one.

So for all the 49ers fans out there--thanks Mike.


  1. If that is a credit to worst HEAD COACH ever!!! Guess We will take that but VD was a talent with or without Dinegllbery

    1. He was far from the worst coach ever, but VD was a selfish player on the verge of being a bust before Singletary set him straight.