Thursday, December 26, 2013

WATCH: Bowling Green's Boo Boo Gates Opens Second Half Pizza Bowl With Kick Return for TD While Teammate Pummels Opponent [UPDATE]

The bowl season continued on Thursday with the Little Caesars Bowl between Bowling Green and Pittsburgh. Going into the fourth quarter it was a tie game, 20-20. The biggest play of the game came on the opening kick of the second half when Boo Boo Gates returned it 94-yards for a touchdown.

However, as he heads for the pile on you can see one of his teammates throwing some serious hay-makers on one of the Pitt players.

A flag is thrown on the play, but somehow Bowling Green is credited with a touchdown here anyway. I'm not watching the game so I don't know what the call was, but for the TD to stand the flag must have been against Pitt.

But we see one of the Bowling Green guys throwing punches?

I don't know folks. I'm sure this will be the highlight of the game on Sportscenter so I'll check it out later to see what happened (if you know feel free to write something in the comment section and I'll update the post).

[UPDATE, 12/26 @9:27 PM ET]

So from what I've read on other sites both players were flagged for personal fouls on the play, but the touchdown was awarded anyway even thought the punches were clearly thrown during it. Hmmm....I'll be real interested to hear how the refs explain this one (because someone is going to ask, right?).

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