Monday, December 9, 2013

What in the World Has Gotten in to Bears QB Josh McCown?

There is a reason why Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown has only played in 56 games over nine seasons from 2002 to this season. Prior to this season he had thrown 37 touchdowns and 44 interceptions. His best QB rating for a season is 74.9; earned during nine games for the Cardinals in 2005.

His track record sucks. Some would say he does, but if that's the case who the heck is the guy tearing up the Cowboys on Monday Night Football? It can't be him!

It is the 34 year old veteran journeyman quarterback who has been busy showing  folks why he is still in the league after all these years of mediocre stats--the problem has not been him. He has to take some of the fault of course, but now that the man is finally playing for a good team with solid passing options and a good running back he's getting to show what he can do.

Like make a nice scramble and get airborne to score a touchdown in the second quarter.

From Bleacher Report
With seven minutes to go in the fourth he has completed 27 of 35 passes for 348 yards and four touchdowns. His QB rating so far is 141.9 meaning his season average of 103.6 is going to go up.

If he wasn't 34 Jay Cutler would have to be worried about his job.

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