Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why is Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy So Damn Ellusive and Quick? It's Because of Zeus.

There are football players, guys that play football, and than there are the gifts to the game; the players that are not just football players, but the type of player that people can't take their eyes off of when they play. Any Philadelphia Eagles fan or fantasy football player will tell you that LeSean McCoy is just such a gift.

As a runner he is as elusive and as quick as they come, and it shows in the league leading 1343 yards rushing he's gained through Week 15. Ever wonder how he got to be the player he is?

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Ask him and he will probably say that it was a lot of hard work in the gym, working out as hard as humanly possible (and then some), and being a tireless student of the game. He is likely quite right in his answer, but his brother LeRon says its something different.


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No, not the Greek god. The family dog growing up-- Zeus the Rottweiler.

"When we were kids we had this Rottweiler. Big dog. His name was Zeus," LeRon McCoy said recently. "LeSean is about six years younger than me and we used to go to this football field across the street from my house and take our dog for a walk. And I would tell LeSean, 'Bring your pads, your helmet, and a ball.' "
When they got to the field, LeRon handed his brother the ball and told him to run as fast as he could.
"And I'd just let the dog go," LeRon said. "I'm like, 'Get him, Zeus.' "
"He would try to stop and start so the dog wouldn't get him," LeRon said. "But he stood no chance."

When you are a small kid and you have a big dog chasing you down you either develop some moves to shake him or you become a human sized chewy toy. I guess we know which one LeSean McCoy became!

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