Thursday, December 12, 2013

Want to Know Why Peyton Manning Was Wearing His Helmet With an iPad in the Hot Tub?

Last weekend a certain picture of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning went viral and was trending like crazy. It wasn't anything scandalous. He wasn't making pizza naked in one of his Papa John's places or beating up on little bunny rabbits or hanging out with terrorists. He was just sitting with his bum ankle in the hot tub watching an iPad and wearing his helmet.

Want to know why?

As I am sure you know, he is kind of important to the team so they want to make sure he is as healthy as can be so he can play forever (because he will play forever). So the team had him sitting out of practice and get his ankle treated.

However, Peyton had to be the workhorse that he is and do something of value anyway. While it may look funny, what he is doing is hearing all the calls being made through his helmet and watching the play via his iPad.

So that's all. It's just Peyton being Peyton.

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