Friday, January 3, 2014

Charlie Strong to Texas Rumors Heating Up the Internet [UPDATE--not yet]

One of the hottest topics of conversation among college football fans has been who will be the next coach of the Texas Longhorns. Many of the best and most highly regarded coaches in the college ranks and NFL have been tied to the interview process (either in reality or the rumor mill).

Art Briles made sure his position was known Friday (not interested). Jim Mora was offered the job, but declined it (he does have a good thing going in UCLA).

The latest rumor has it that this guy--Louisville head coach Charlie Strong is going to get it:

Is it true or just another example of the internet grabbing a hold of something and running with it? It wouldn't be a bad time for Strong to move on with his superstar quarterback moving on to the NFL. It's been said that he and Vanderbilt's James Franklin were the top two finalist for the job and that a decision was going to be made within the next 24 hours.

If that is indeed the case I suppose we'll find out soon.

UPDATE 1/4 @ 1:13 AM ET

ESPN is reporting that he has not been offered the job by Texas (yet), and that he has not talked to his own AD either. They made it seem like he has agreed in principle to a 5yr, $5 million per year deal. Till he actually accepts it--and he has not--this means nothing.

So back to the waiting game...

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